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Collaboration with the social cooperative "Lamberto Valli" of Forlimpopoli.

Letter to the "Lamberto Valli" Social Cooperative of Forlimpopoli

I am Franco, the vice-president of Maison de la joie, and I personally thank you on behalf of the association for the great help you provide in supporting little Sabine, who not only was born into a disadvantaged family but also has the misfortune of suffering from a significant disability. It is needless to say that if a disabled person here in Italy has to face many difficulties (primarily from their family), in Africa, a disabled person is destined to live as an outcast on the margins of society, marginalized due to beliefs that associate them with an evil being.

Let me summarize the events since last year.

After placing Sabine in an institution for children (there are very few in Benin), specifically for deaf-mutes but also for children with other disabilities, we monitored the situation, and unfortunately, after a year, the structure said that they were unable to host the little girl due to difficulties they had in managing her (she is a very aggressive child who does not speak much and socialize little). From the little experience I have gained from volunteering at the Cooperative, I would say that she has some autistic traits.

However, last year, I went to Benin at our orphanage, where I met Sabine, her mother, and a teacher who had taken the case of little Sabine to heart.

At that moment, I did some research and found some nuns who ran a leprosarium (currently, leprosy has been defeated by medical science) and who currently assist children with various disabilities in their facilities (they even have a small gym for rehabilitation). I contacted the mother superior, who was willing to go and pick up Sabine three times a week to take her to the center located outside Ouidah (the town where Sabine lives and where Maison de la Joie is located).

So we gave Sabine the opportunity to live in the community, even if only for three days a week, and to give a little respite to her mother, who was alone and had three other children (this year, another one has been added). Of course, we managed the money donated by the Cooperative for Sabine's activities and to help the family.

This year, in July, I returned to Benin and met Sabine, her little brothers, her little sisters, her mother, and Ms. Prisca, who is the teacher I mentioned previously.

I found Sabine improved, i.e., calmer and more manageable. In the meeting I organized between us from the association and Sabine's family, we decided to propose the reinsertion of Sabine into the structure in which she had already been, given Sabine's improvement. So Ms. Prisca contacted the structure, and Sabine was readmitted (thanks again to the contribution of the Cooperative).